What makes a world like this?

Vic White

Imagine a modern world where humankind has unlocked the secrets of genetic manipulation - where men could breed monsters that followed their every whim, where soldiers shrugged off bullets and elite groups could control the thoughts of an unwitting public. Where dreams and sorrows manifest in the waking world, and where our control over everything was rapidly slipping away. "What could make a world like this?" This is the question posed by Collectems, a sprawling urban fantasy project which tracks our distant past all the way to our speculative future. It is a story of stories, of individuals and societies and how the most seemingly incidental and personal decisions we make can have devastating consequences on the fate of our planet. From Great War grunts to Disco-era detectives, wannabe boxers to runaway orphans, discarded experiments and infamous assassins - their stories are diverse, emotional, and inwardly motivated. Private and introspective tales, akin to works like Blade Runner or Cowboy Bebop - where the stakes are personal, set against the backdrop of a rich, fully realized, and thoroughly complex setting.

Collectems is political. It’s difficult, it’s messy, it’s honest and brutal and cruel. It’s real. It is a world where new societies devour the old, where cultures clash and over-reach their bounds. It is a place where ambition breeds strife, where progress and devastation are interlinked, and where the relationship between myth and power is inescapable. It is a universe of possibilities, where fiction slowly becomes the new reality, and where the tensions between this past and future are core to the world’s sickness. It is a land ruled by monsters, where hope strains against all odds to burn, faintly, in the face of widespread violence and despair. It is a civilization in decline, where morality is subjective, and change is inevitable. Collectems is our world, and it is your world too. And we are all responsible for what happens next.

Now we are all sons of bitches.

Kenneth Bainbridge

Current projects under the Collectems banner: