Collectems Collectems

A monster-collecting trek through a sprawling randomized world!

"At an unknown time, in a familiar world, a mysterious fire burns over the quiet of the night. Through the smoke and the ashes, your father is nowhere to be found, and a lifetime of debt now rests at your feet. Bound by the shackles of responsibility, you venture out into the Tamota Peninsula, where strange mutant creatures have ravaged the natural ecosystem and captured the hearts of millions. These 'Collectems' are a full-blown culture-defining phenomenon, taken in as anything from household pets and workplace assistants to biological weapons of mass destruction. Through the process of capture and control, how will you use these marvelous beasts and their unique capabilities to pay off your father's debt?"

About the Game

Collectems is a new RPG project from The Layabouts made in the spirit of the original Pokémon Red & Blue Versions. In terms of monster designs and atmosphere, those games struck a really weird and often lonely chord. We want to recapture that raw strangeness and sense of mystery that was sort of smoothed over when it became an international sensation. Other influences include the character interaction of The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask and the Mother franchise, the strategic management of X-COM, and the randomization of games like The Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy.

We intend on Collectems being a highly replayable experience where players collect, research, and battle Collectems to support a business. Paying off debt milestones will result in new opportunities for expansion and, in turn, provide new outlets for team customization. We want to empower the player with choice, but also present the burden of those choices, asking them to make long lasting decisions that will have a major impact on the potential of their team. Exploring the world of Tamota to support this system should be as engaging as possible and we hope to deliver on a world that's well worth seeing in its entirety.

Collectems is currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation®Vita, and PlayStation®4. We'd like to release Collectems on as many platforms as we can, though, so we'll be looking into other platforms down the line, and will make an announcement in the future when we're confident we can deliver on them. We do not have any announcements to make regarding a release date at this time.

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Core Game Features

About the Team

Collectems is a game by  The Layabouts:
Joe Pierce: lead game designer, writer
Zach Hinchy: lead developer
Brittany Mezzo: concept artist
Jack Saint: writer

...with help from:
A. Koszis: battle artist
Ryland Kiffmeyer: overworld artist
James "KgZ" Landino: composer, sound designer

Windows Mac Linux PlayStation family PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita PSN