Now we are all sons of bitches.

Kenneth Bainbridge

In the late 20th century, mankind invented monsters, and the world was forever changed. Forged by the boundless potential of genetic experimentation, these marvels would reignite the embers of a waning Cold War, and thrust its tensions far past the edge of the new millennium. Their production boomed into a competitive new industry, and they soon found their way into every aspect of daily life. Education, labor, warfare, transportation, entertainment, companionship - there was nothing that couldn't be improved with the help of a made to order monster. Those that could not adapt lost everything. Those that could, would inherit the Earth.

For the first time, a generation will grow up without knowledge of the old world. A generation that knows nothing but these beasts. Your generation. The generation of Collectems.

Collectems is a new RPG project from The Layabouts, currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation®Vita, and PlayStation®4.

Taking inspirations from the original Pokémon Red & Blue Versions, as well as western RPGS like Fallout 2 and Shadowrun Returns, Collectems aims to create a fully realized world where players discover, capture, battle, and research a wide variety of fantastic creatures. Other notable influences include Parasite Eve and Panzer Dragoon Saga for their stories and systems, the No More Heroes franchise for its excellent boss and character design, the XCOM franchise for its strategic combat and approach to permanent death, and the The Binding of Isaac for its use of randomization.

We do not have any announcements to make regarding a release date or additional platforms at this time. Please check our official blog for news and updates on the project, or visit our discussion forums if you'd like to make any specific inquiries. You can also reach us at [email protected].

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